Japanese Fabric Vintage | 布団皮

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

japanese fabric vintage

■ Product Details ■

・ Date: Middle Showa period

・ Material: cotton

It will be a Japan vintage futon cover around the middle of Showa era.

An old cloth with a wonderful textile design at the time.

At that time, the cloth used as futon, I think that the textile design of the old age is very nice.

Originally it seems to be filled with batting, but it may be attractive that it is removed and easier to handle.

All the old cloths including this futon cover have been evaluated all over the world, and recently the encounter with good things has really decreased.

The futon cover is bigger than general cloth, so it can be used as a remake material and parts removal, and remake artists are enthusiastically searching for it.

Also, textile designers seem to have been collected from a sampling perspective.

It is a large check pattern when viewed from a distance, but when viewed from a close distance, it is a unique textile that gathers detailed checks similar to gingham checks.

You can feel the unique rhythm and depth of old Japanese cloth, and you will be surprised at the good sense of the Japanese people at the time.

Wouldn't it be nice to use it as a stall or scarf, or as an interior fabric such as a wall?

Use it freely and reserve it now.

Do not miss this opportunity as it is decreasing year by year.

















Japanese Fabric Vintage Boro Futon Cover Cotton Textile


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