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indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

indigo cape

■ Product Details ■

・ Date: Late Meiji to early Showa

・ Material: Cotton (I do not know the material of the collar.)

Japan Vintage Cape from the late Meiji period to the early Showa period.

Although there are various theories, Dochu Kappa originates from items worn by Spanish and Portuguese visitors to Japan around the 16th century.

In the middle of the Edo era, cotton-made feathers began to be made and were mainly worn as outerwear to prevent rain and wind.

It seems to have dochu in the name because it was also worn as travel wear.

With the passage of years, the number of survivors is very small, and the encounter with old things has almost disappeared.

The fabric is indigo striped on both sides, and the fabric itself is impressive.

In addition, the back side also has a pattern like kasuri, so I think that it can be evaluated as a sophisticated textile.

When you actually wear it, it looks like a cape, poncho, or cloak, and it works as a fashion item.

Personally, I would like you to consider it as a fashion item, not an unfashionable way of collecting antiques, cosplay, reappearing at that time.

Do not miss this opportunity as it is decreasing year by year.














indigo cape

Japan Vintage Indigo Stripe Cape Cotton


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